Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday Mitch and I found out that we are expecting a little girl!! We both kinda thought that it was a boy so I wish that the hospital would have let us take pictures or video in the ultrasound room so that we could have seen our faces. Mitch was almost white, a little scared, haha and I was ecstatic! The baby is growing exactly how she should, healthy, quite a little mover (it took a pretty long time to do the ultrasound because she kept moving), and the scary part is she likes to get her picture taken apparently because we had a lot of pictures where she was looking straight at the camera. If the energy and the love of cameras continues after she is born then I think we are going to have us a high maintenance little girl. lol That might have been why Mitch was so white at first. hehe Mitch and I and our families are just so excited that she is healthy and can't wait til we get to hold her in a few months!

I had picked out a boy name and Mitch picked out our girl name so that was already decided and wasn't very hard for us to do honestly. Her name is Kaolin (pronounced kay lynn) Madison Marie Lewis. The name is spelled that way for a reason we didn't try to spell it different just as a side note. Some of you know that Mitch collects Indian artifacts and Kaolin is a type of rock (our favorite material) that some artifacts are made out of. And before anyone makes fun of us naming a child after a type of rock, to his defense it is a very beautiful material that is usually bright orange and yellow which are my favorite colors. And after I thought about it I'm named after a stream so I can't be mad about naming our child after a rock. haha

Nice side view.

Posing for the camera with her hand curled under her chin funny.

Staring at the camera.

The first little footprint and yes she has all ten toes and ten fingers! I couldn't believe we could see everything so clear when we were looking at the ultrasound. It is definitely a lot clearer when we were watching than it looks in the pictures.

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The Nicolaysens said...

Congrats! Girls are sooooo much fun, and now your mom will have a grandaughter and a grandson. One of each :)