Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well I guess with all this rain keeping us out of the field I needed a project to keep me busy. So one day I decided to work on my kitchen, this is a project that I have wanted to start ever since we moved in. So far it is going just fine hopefully it will look much better when i'm done!

These are before pictures of the kitchen. Love that paneling, it isn't really that bad but it just made the room so much darker.
Then these are not quite after but gettting there. I used drywall mud and drywall tape to fill in all of the grooves in the paneling so the surface is smooth. I just finished putting the second coat of mud on over the taped layer so that we dont see the tape after the paint is done. It has been quite a job but it is much easier for me than ripping out all of the paneling and redrywalling. That would have taken me a lot longer. I love how it looks so far and cant wait for it to be done and my house wont be such a mess!!

Almost 25 weeks along in this picture. Cant really see but I'm definately showing now I'll have to post better pictures of the belly.


Philip and Breann Duffin Family said...

You go girl!! It is going to look great. I can kind of see your baby belly in the last picture. I love it!

The Nicolaysens said...

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the finished product.