Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday Mitch and I found out that we are expecting a little girl!! We both kinda thought that it was a boy so I wish that the hospital would have let us take pictures or video in the ultrasound room so that we could have seen our faces. Mitch was almost white, a little scared, haha and I was ecstatic! The baby is growing exactly how she should, healthy, quite a little mover (it took a pretty long time to do the ultrasound because she kept moving), and the scary part is she likes to get her picture taken apparently because we had a lot of pictures where she was looking straight at the camera. If the energy and the love of cameras continues after she is born then I think we are going to have us a high maintenance little girl. lol That might have been why Mitch was so white at first. hehe Mitch and I and our families are just so excited that she is healthy and can't wait til we get to hold her in a few months!

I had picked out a boy name and Mitch picked out our girl name so that was already decided and wasn't very hard for us to do honestly. Her name is Kaolin (pronounced kay lynn) Madison Marie Lewis. The name is spelled that way for a reason we didn't try to spell it different just as a side note. Some of you know that Mitch collects Indian artifacts and Kaolin is a type of rock (our favorite material) that some artifacts are made out of. And before anyone makes fun of us naming a child after a type of rock, to his defense it is a very beautiful material that is usually bright orange and yellow which are my favorite colors. And after I thought about it I'm named after a stream so I can't be mad about naming our child after a rock. haha

Nice side view.

Posing for the camera with her hand curled under her chin funny.

Staring at the camera.

The first little footprint and yes she has all ten toes and ten fingers! I couldn't believe we could see everything so clear when we were looking at the ultrasound. It is definitely a lot clearer when we were watching than it looks in the pictures.

Baby Question

Lately I have been looking at lots of different baby things trying to find out what to register for and what is the best and most practical. Anyways, I just have a question about cribs. I have been looking at a lot of reviews and just can't decide and need some help from mothers that have much more experience than I do. I don't know if I want one of those cribs that convert to a toddler bed and then to a regular bed without a drop side or one that has a drop side and converts only to a toddler bed. I just dont know what is the best for someone who plans on having more than one child kinda close together. I know that the convertible bed would be the best option if I was only planning on having one child but thats not the case. And I keep hearing from people that they love the drop side cribs and I just needed some advice. What did you actually use and what do you like the best. Thanks to anyone who comments on this post.

Random Updates

Well it has been forever since I added anything new on here so I decided today that I would try to catch up a little bit. Well I was just going through pictures and seeing what I could put on here and found a few all the way back to Easter. I wish I had some pictures of Hunter and Breann and the family at Easter but hopefully she will post some of those soon because I've never seen a cuter Easter Bunny! Poor little Hunter we all like to dress him up so much, but like Breann says it just gives her a lot of pictures to show his dates when he is a teenager! haha Anyways moving on.....

This was my favorite Easter present from Mitch's parents, a porch swing! I have always wanted one and now we are just waiting to either find a frame that we can put this on or waiting for Mitch to build one so we will see. I can't wait to finally use it!

This is something that I have been waiting for for over a year now! Before we got married, Mitch and his dad Curt with some help from me, Beau and Myles, our brothers, gutted our house and remodel almost every room. It was a learning experience for both of us and I'm really glad that we did it because we were able to choose everything that went back into this house. There are still a few things in the house that aren't done yet but once you move into the house I guess we just don't pay attention to them anymore. But I definitely notice that there are no doors in our house! So finally there was a sale on doors and I convinced him (ok so I complained enough that I think he was sick of hearing me talk anymore about doors) to get them! YAY!! Now we are waiting for Mitch to finish staining them so we can have doors in our house!! I really wish I could help, sometimes I am so frustrated that I can't do some things that I used to before I was pregnant but it is absolutely worth it!!
This is our hallway, showing the door frames with no doors. That will soon change, I'm so excited, cant you tell!!

This is the only door that we left up. It is the bathroom door so that is kinda needed especially when people come over. But it will be replaced soon too with the others.

And I'm putting this one on here for Melani. At women's conference on Saturday, we learned about couponing and how much money it can save you. And it made me remember that I had Kohl's cash that I hadn't used yet because I usually just throw away coupons or other things that the store gives you with my receipt. So after conference, mom and I went shopping and I used my Kohl's cash to get all eight of these shirts for free which saved me $40!! I was so proud of myself! I felt like going home right then and clipping the coupons from the newspaper! lol