Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Kaolin at 24 weeks 5 days

Here is our little girl, Kaolin. I went in for just a regular doctor's visit on Tuesday and the doctor couldn't find Kaolin's heartbeat with the little machine she uses normally. Of course I was pretty scared and was going through everything I had done that month worrying about if I had done something wrong. So the doctor had me get an ultrasound to check on the baby's heartbeat and if everything else was ok. As soon as the ultrasound started the little heartbeat was right there and was 150 beats/min which is where it has been so far. So she is just fine and healthy but the doctor said that she must have been laying in the wrong position and was hard to read the heartbeat. Anyway, after the little scare I ended up getting to have the new 4D ultrasound. It was amazing how clear the picture is!! I could see all of her little features and you can really tell what she looks like from this picture.

What a cute little nose! That is the first thing everyone says when they see the picture. And I'm not sure or not but she looks like she has a little bit of hair already. I didn't have any hair till I was two or three years old and Mitch came out with a full head of hair so she got something from her daddy. What a cute little girl she is!!

This is not as clear as the other picture of course but if you can tell her little mouth is open in this picture. She must be laughing at how she scared mommy for the first time. I am so glad that everything is fine and that she is a very active and healthy baby and that we were able to get a get picture of her but hopefully next visit she is in a good position in the first place to find that little heartbeat.


Philip and Breann Duffin Family said...

I love her already!!

The Nicolaysens said...

What a cute thing! Technology is amazing :)

KaYla said...

Brook! She already looks like shes going to be a boy magnet. And if she doesnt have hair shell fit along with her cousin Hunter, that has no hair. I cant wait for her to be here!