Thursday, January 21, 2010

1st Week

Well it is about time that I update this because the last blog is about waiting on Kaolin and now she is almost 3 1/2 months old now! Everyone tells you that time will go by faster when you have children and how true I have found that to be!! Anyways these are some pictures of her first week. Her birth was not what we pictured but now looking back we learned so much and grew much closer as a family and I know that that is how Heavenly Father had planned for us. I really truly believe that through the trials in our life come the greatest blessings! She swallowed some mucus when she was born and was not breathing at first and very blue. Our OB nurse Patty Willis was so quick to resuscitate her and two pediatricians, ER doctor, a nurse anesthetist, and another OB nurse were all quick to show up to be there for our little girl. Looking back now I cant believe how many people were there for us in such a short time. The Lord truly blessed us by surrounding us with such great people. She was transferred to St. Louis Childrens hospital soon after just in case she would get worse but all she did was progress. We spent four days at Childrens and then we transferred back to Centralia hospital for five days to finish up antibiotics. Then we were able to go home finally!!!!! Since then she has been such a happy healthy beautiful little girl that has blessed our lives in more ways than we can imagine!

Didnt take long for Kaolin to wrap herself right around Daddy's little finger haha

Striking a pose so cute

I love her little foot with those long toes

She used to make this pucker face all the time so cute

Kaolin definatly has Daddy hooked

Sound little sleeper

Mommy and Kaolin with her little IV in her head

First Family Picture

What a beautiful little baby

Adorable with her little IV and that is an O2 sensor on her hand that is why it is red

This is her adorable decoration for the IV shield how cute!


The Nicolaysens said...

I'm glad to finally see pics! She is so beautiful, you guys are lucky :)

KaYla said...

I am so glad the Kaolin is okay. Im thankful to the Lord for the blessings that he gives us, and the prayers that he answers. She is just precious! Thanks for letting me share in your family. I love you all.

Gurr Family said...

She is adorable. I am happy to hear that she is a strong baby. I love your first family picture. It is